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Aviation products and software engineering

ATM-Soft project, headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, is a rapidly growing group of companies that has been an active player on the ATM (Air Traffic Management) software development market since 2009.

For solutions that we develop, we employ engineers and business analysts with long experience working for ANSP (Air Navigation Service Provider) companies.

In view of our solid experience and optimal HR base we would like to offer you our products and cooperation in the development (customization, localization, maintenance) of ATM software solutions.

We are currently capable of putting together a team of up to 20 software development professionals for short term projects, and up to 40 and more for longer ones.

All our programmers have university degrees in software development, have a good command of English, and proven professional record in ATM solutions.

Should it be required that a specialist in a particular language or technology should be involved in a project we are in a position to rapidly find and engage such a professional.

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